Monday, February 1, 2010

Up for the Challenge..

Boredom crept in, at the beginning of January of 2009. So last year, I gave myself a huge challenge, the challenge was to read at least two books on any subject per week. The funny thing is I have always been very studious as a person, I must admit I love to learn.

When I was a child my mom would transport me and my big brother to the library about twice a month throughout the school year. And, when school was out, we would always participate in the Public Library’s rigorous “summer reading programs.” I was always excited to get a prize from the librarian usually a free pass like going to Showbiz Pizza or Six Flags. However, the reward inside was greater because I was expanding my knowledge.

In reading, I found out, that knowledge is power. The more you know the further you will go is true. And, by putting into practice what I have learned; I have found out that I am fully capable of anything. From mere books, I learned how to make baby food from scratch for my daughter, I have taught myself and mastered Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I have even learned to organize systems of information and training materials to help others at my job. Whoa!

With starting at Green Bandana, I’ve created a new game for myself for the next three years. My game is to research every book, article, blog, and/or website possible to wrap my head around the business of “art commerce” and to “be in action” about whatever it takes to develop our clients into their fullest potential. Of course, it will take something; it will take a strategy of discipline, focus, and heart to place myself in the position to win. But what can I say; I’m up to the challenge!

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